When creating an eDirectory account using a User Template to set
additional attributes such as phone number, group membership and password
properties (not GroupWise account!), the GroupWise driver will set the
user to the correct post office, but the group memberships that are part
of the pre-defined user template will be overwritten, and the only group
remaining will be the post office.

This only happens on an Add, subsequent Modify operations will correctly
add the groups, however this defeats the reasoning behind using a User

I've used the default GroupWise Driver template as a basis, which uses
<do-set-op-dest-dn> in the Placement Policy in order to set the Post
Office. I have a feeling that this operation is what is overwriting the
Group Membership.

I'm using IDM 3.0.1, GroupWise Driver 2.2.1, GroupWise 7, eDir, &
NetWare 6.5 sp5 (the GroupWise server is different from the IDM Engine)

Any help appreciated