Hello All,
I am trying to get users that come from eDirectory to MAD to be assigned to
specific groups.
I have over 100 schools. The MAD Network Admin created 5 groups per campus.
Each Group name starts with the School OU name. The rest of name is the
same for each school. The MAD Network Admin wants me to have user
automatically assigned group membership.
SCHOOL OU - Group OU - Group Obj
- Staff OU - User OU - User Obj
Above is MAD structure for schools. eDir and AD are not mirrored but
I have placement for user being resolved by LDAP string stored in eDir
Location Attribute for School OU. But I need to somehow strip
OU=User,OU=Staff and add OU=Group into string. I am not sure where to start
and what would be the best way to do this. I have two rules that make all
users members of two groups , but they were easy compared to this. I used
add-dest-attr-value to do it. Any help would be appreciated to get me
going. Thanks, Rob