We're implementing the Unix driver to Solaris10 with IDM 3.5 (/etc/passwd,
not NIS). Everything works great except the length of the password set in
Solaris. The Solaris system has been modified to allow greater than 8
character passwords by modifying the /etc/security/policy.conf file to use
MD5 encryption instead of the native unix. Passwords can be changed to
greater than 8 characters with the usual passwd command but the driver
scripts uses the nxpwdpa command which apparently doesn't use the password
configuration file which allows the greater length. Despite much searching
we can't find any information on how we can force the driver to use the same
encryption, thus allowing longer passwords. There's reference in the
globals.sh to using nxutil for the MD5/Cypt generator, or doesn't this mean
anything related to this issue?
Is there a way for IDM to use the defined encryption so that longer
passwords can be used?