NetIQ is pleased to announce the general availability of NetIQ CloudAccess and MobileAccess 2.0. This version includes the following enhancements, as well as software fixes that resolve several previous issues:

NetIQ MobileAccess

Administrators can now enable user access to SSO, proxy, and SaaS applications from supported mobile devices. MobileAccess features are available for all application connectors that CloudAccess supports. If you purchase a full CloudAccess 2.0 license, your license includes all of the MobileAccess features. MobileAccess can also be purchased separately.


Appmarks are bookmarks for applications that you can configure for your users to enable them to access the application in different ways.

New and Updated Connectors

The following new and updated connectors are included in this release:

  • The new Simple Proxy connector is a simplified version of the Access Gateway component found in the Access Manager product.
  • The new Bookmarks connector enables you to create links to web applications that are accessible from the browser landing page or directly from the MobileAccess app on users’ mobile devices.
  • CloudAccess now includes an embedded connector for NetIQ Access Manager, which you can use to connect to an existing Access Manager installation.
  • The Access Connector Toolkit is now included in CloudAccess, enabling administrators to more easily create custom connectors.
  • The connector for Office 365 has been updated to support enhancements in CloudAccess 2.0.

Ability to Use Google Analytics as an External Dashboard

CloudAccess now includes Google Analytics as an external dashboard, enabling administrators to monitor general system health and usage.

For more information about CloudAccess and MobileAccess 2.0, please review the Release Notes on the CloudAccess and MobileAccess Documentation web page.

To learn more about this version, please contact NetIQ Technical Support.