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> David Gersic wrote:
>> Changing the driver startup setting from Auto to Manual will not cause
>> a resync. Changing it from Disabled (implying that it was changed to
>> Disabled in the first place) to Manual or Auto will cause a resync,
>> because the assumption is that the driver could have missed some
>> changes while it was disabled, so it goes back through everything
>> (resync) to ensure that everything is correct.

> In addition, If the driver has gone into cache overflow, pretty sure you
> need to resync to get out of that situation also.

Cache overflow kills the driver. The only way out is to disable it. Then
see above. You can enable it with the resync suppressed, or allow it to
resync. The default is resync.

You'll also get a resync if the engine determines that the cache file
(*.tao) is corrupt. It will delete and replace it with one where the
first event in the new file is <sync> to cause a resync, again on the
assumption that you actually want everything in sync, and it needs to go
fix anything that it missed.

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