When I installed the password sync filter, it looks like we had a
screwed up domain (three domain controllers defined, only two that were
actually working). I ended up with it not working, and not being able to
remove it.

I found TID 10094909 with the instructions on how to manually remove
PassSync2 from a misbehaving installation. The instructions themselves
are probably ok, but in my case they didn't work.

The problem was that there are security bits set on the PassSync\Data
and PWfilter\Data keys, which then prevent them from being removed. In
Regedit, you just get a useless error message. In the PassSync control
panel, you get "error 5" trying to remove it. To fix, you have to use
RegEdt32 and change the permissions on the Data subkeys to allow
Administrators full control. After that, you can remove the keys.

(Feedback on 10094909 submitted as well)

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