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sttennant wrote:

> Interesting. I will need to find out how to enable secretstore. It
> is interesting that IDM can write directly to the secret store. So I
> can generate the PIN via IDM, and then write it to the secret store
> and then use it to form-fill. Is that the idea? If it works we
> could use the same method for other things. The only issue I have is
> that I am already using shared secrets in Access Manager but they are
> stored in the configuration store and not the userstore. How will
> access manager know to use the userstore for these new secrets
> storing the PIN?

I built a lab over the weekend. The IDM part is pretty straight forward
but I dont have NAM reading the secretstore as yet.

Hi Edward,
The need for this has now passed, but I did get SecretStore working with form fill. I followed the Access Manager documentation and it worked. I had to configure the credential profile to use the user store for shared secrets. The form fill created secrets as named but with the prefix "Cred-SS." or something like that, in the user store (i.e. eDirectory).
Thanks for your help. I am always amazed at what you can do with NetIQ/Novell products and this forum is so useful.
Kindest Regards