I did a default installation of the bi-directional i5/OS driver.
When I start the driver shim through the
go i5osdrv/i5osdrv command, the driver shim job ends abnormally. The job
log shows an error code of MCH3601 in module IDMUSERSPC from procedure
IDMUserSpace_getNextResponseValue in statement 12.
The error message says:
Pointer not set for location referenced.
The cause for the error says:
A pointer was used either directly, or as a basing pointer, that has not
been set to an address.

However, when I start the driver using the SBMJOB command with all the
parameters the same as when it is started through go i5osdrv/i5osdrv,
except that the USER parameter is LOBOP (my user profile), the driver
shim runs successfully. Any idea what could be causing this problem? The
SBMJOB command that I use when the driver shim runs successfully is:

Appreciate the help.