I just noticed that this seems to be the case. I see a <modify> come in
(this is on my PeopleSoft driver, everything is a <modify>) for a
person. The association doesn't resolve (because it's really an <add>,
but our CI kicks it out as a <modify> anyway), so it turns in to a
synthetic add. So far so good.

I see the query for all attributes go out, and come back. The Input
Transform does its thing. The schema mapping happens. Then the next
thing up is that the Matching Rule starts.

What happened to the Event Transform? Shouldn't that have been given a
shot at processing the <add> document before it gets processed as an add
event by the Matching Rule?

This turns out to be important, at least to me, as I have three policies
on the Event Transform that need to run on all modifies and adds. Or do
I need to move these three over to the Command Transform?

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