Good day

I have an IDM 3.0.1 engine running on Solaris 8 and there are few
policies in the driver that send emails out. It worked fine before but
stopped after DNS entry for the mail server had been modified. I took a
network trace from the box and found out that every time IDM is due to
send email it tries to connect to the old IP address. I've done some
googleing and found quite a few mentions that on certain versions of JVM
networkaddress.cache.ttl parameter is by default set to -1 meaning
"cache forever". I believe it is the case for my current setup.

The suggested fix is to add this parameter to config file
of the corresponding JVM and then restart it. I've modified the file in
/root/dirXML/jre/lib/security but it had no effect.

Anyone seen this problem before? Does eDir need to be restarted now for
the changes to take effect? There is a TID3235164 regarding IDM-Java
interaction in ID vault box but that does not really give much information.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated