I'm trying to query a user set that meets the criteria
Login Disabled != true, and UserPwdLastChanged > 100 days ago.

So the logic below is supposed to return, Users who are NOT login
Disabled, and where the password set date IS older than 100 days.

I have 4 test users, 2 of which should meet the criteria.

I get an empty node set. I'm trying to point the query to a single test
OU. I know the syntax below is inaccurate, but wanted to display the Dest
DN in the order I'm submitting it. Should it be IDENTITY.Test instead? I
even went as far as getting rid of the filter logic and I still get an
empty nodeset... so I guess the error is before the filter?

This query is on the subscriber channel of a loopback driver.

query:search($srcQueryProcessor,"subordinates","", "ou=Test.o=IDENTITY","User","","","UserPwdLastChan ged,LoginDisabled")[not(attr[@attr-name="LoginDisabled"]/value="true")and

$pwdStaleDate is getting set correctly.

Simple syntax problem?? Thanks for any help.