junxian wrote:

> Okay, There is no version of Active Directory (or windows server)
> named 2010.
> I'm so sorry for the mistake, I meant Windows Sever 2012.

Windows server 2012 is only supported under the following scenarios:

1. If the windows server 2012 runs the Active Directory role and you
want password sync on the publisher channel - you need to install the
latest IDM 4.0.2 AD password sync filter on this box. The password sync
filter is bundled with the IDM AD driver patch.

2. If you host the Active Directory Remote loader on Windows Server
2012 (even if the windows server 2012 box is just a member server) then
you need to run the IDM 4.0.2 Remote Loader with the IDM AD
driver shim.

> Yes, I set it at CDOEXM which is for Exchange 2003, Powershell command
> is used at the backend for Exchange 2007 and 2010.

Choosing CDOEXM Will only Provision an Exchange 2003 mailbox. No
powershell is involved from IDM's perspective in this scenario.

I think the issue is that (as per the documentation) - you must have
Exchange 2003 management tools installed on the same box as the AD
remote loader runs on.

According to Microsoft's documentation, that means you can only install
Exchange 2003 management tools on a Windows 2008 (not 2008 R2, not 2012
or 2012 R2) or older server

> However, i did patch the RL up to IDM 3.6.1 AD Driver Version 3.5.18
> (http://download.novell.com/Download?...d=UlAHjXbKp6s~) with the
> Exchange2010 service. I was thinking backward compatibility wouldn't
> be an issue as long as I chose CDOEXM, it was done in mind to prepare
> ahead when the current Exchange 2003 upgrades to 2010.

Patching up to the latest supported Remote Loader/Driver Shim/Engine
combination is a good idea and this is not directly your problem.

> I just find this case very peculiar, since my driver logs did show the
> DN was set in, and the RL logs did show the value was received
> correctly too. The created mailbox suggests the homeMDB field did get
> populated but I am unsure why it didn't show up when I look into the
> account. On the other note, I only perform a do-set-dest-attr, I do
> not own the value nor sync it from eDirectory.
> The difficulty here is, I am unable to replicate the error in my test
> bed. And unfortunately, I can't provide entire log from production
> here too. So I'm guessing my way around to see how I can tackle the
> problem.

That you get partial results is odd. It might point to a permissions or
configuration issue. As you are trying to do all of this with IDM 3.6.x
on a Windows 2012 host against Exchange 2003 then you are in
unsupported terriotory from both NetIQ and Microsoft's perspective.

Also, have you specified a mailbox database that belongs to an Exchange
2003 server?

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