We found out, that if the DirXML-EntitlementRef of the Entitlement is
missing in the Entitlement Policy itself (the DirXML-SharedProfile), then
RBE cannot grant or revoke the Entitlement and is causing the
message "ignoring empty entitlement policy" in Trace Level 3.

To Reassign the DirXML-EntitlementRef we had to go thru IManager's RBE
Configuration, remove the Entitlement and reassing the Entitlement. This
brings back the Attribute on the Entitlement Policy.

Is our assumption correct about the need for the DirXML-EntitlementRef on
the Entitlement Policy?

How can it be lost? (RBE worked fine after setting up the policies and we
have no idea how and when the DirXML-EntitlementRef's got lost, but we've
lost them on 5 of 14 policies)

Thanks for any hint

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