I have to set up a driver, with a psuedo-entitlement, such that if the
user, parent container, or grand parent container has a attrib set to
True, they get an account in the connected system (AD in this case, but
that is immaterial). The lowest set value overrides higher. I.e. User
set to True or false overrides a parent or grandparent set to true or false.

So basically need to recreate inheritance...

I am working through approaches in IDM 3.01. And offline, so tracing to
test is not an option quite yet (I do not have a test IDM server handy
to test on...)

Any general approaches would be apprecaited? Was easier in my head than
in practice!

First off, does a synthetic add on the Subscriber channel pass through
the Event transform rule again? (I.e. Can I do work in Event transform,
or does it have to be in either Match, Create or Placement rules?)
Since I have to handle it for a user moved to a container, doing it in
Event Transform rule would be nice.

Second, what does a boolean eDir attribute that is unset return as a
value? The 'is-available' test should return true or false, but if you
set a local variable to an unset boolean attribute, what would you get
in the variable?