I upgraded 2 servers today, both are part of the same driverset. one
server has all the drivers disabled for backup.

the upgrades went fine on both servers.

started up the drivers again on the the primary server and installed all
my idm35 activation license--no problems. I chose the primary server to
process the credentials.

i was in designer to upgrade my existing policies, and the driver only saw
the primary server as having 3.5,, the backup was still listed as 301. I
knew this was because the driver had not been started on that server since
the upgrade.

so i shutdown the driver on the primary, and started the driver on the
secondary. I noticed the driver said "evaulation". Odd. I stopped and
disabled the driver. Designer was able to see version 3.5 now.

I started the driver again on the primary server, and now it says

I checked the driverset activation and all my 3.5 licenses are there. so
whats up?? thanks.