On Wed, 15 Jan 2014 10:24:01 +0000, provaznik wrote:

>> Define "considerable delay" - is it days, weeks, hours, minutes...?

> Usual delay is from minutes to tens of minutes.
> But eDirectory documentation says:
> "After the data is modified, the changes are buffered. Normal
> synchronization starts after approximately 30 seconds from the time the
> modifications are saved."

Yes, that's how it works. However, that high-convergence sync (which is
what "immediate sync" means) depends on attributes being early in the
change cache, and on other factors involved in replication (such as the
number of partitions being replicated). Minutes to tens of minutes is
something I might consider normal for an attribute flagged immediate
sync, depending on the environment.

I'm pretty aware of the eDirectory documentation and how the product
works - I taught the eDirectory ATT class for a couple of years.

>> What sort of issues are you seeing as a result of this? Are you

> seeing
>> login issues, or is this more of a quest for "full synchronization"
>> (which you'll never quite get to)?

> Issue:
> There are IDM drivers on both servers. When a driver modifies an
> attribute on the server 1, drivers on the server 2 detect the
> modification after synchronization delay. So the drivers start to
> working on the server 2 with this delay.

OK, but that's a symptom. What's the underlying issue? You're pushing
the change to another system using IDM, but is it just "we'd like this to
go faster," or is there an issue with it taking 5 minutes more than

Is there a reason why the drivers on server 2 perhaps are not running on
server 1 in order to pick the change up immediately?


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