On 01/13/2014 12:04 PM, kjhurni wrote:
> Steven Williams;238792 Wrote:
>> On 01/02/2014 04:54 PM, kjhurni wrote:
>>> geoffc;238740 Wrote:
>>>> On 1/2/2014 1:34 PM, kjhurni wrote:
>>>>> UA 4.0.1 patch "c" RBPM version.
>>>>> In my Logging section, I'm needing to enable some additional

>> classes,
>>>>> but the little pulldown window (the selection of the list to add)
>>>> seems
>>>>> to be missing ALL the:
>>>>> com.sssw.b2b.*
>>>>> classes
>>>> Is the parent class, com.sssw.b2b there? If so, the parent,

>> includes
>>>> the children. The children are often in the list to allow more

>> subtle
>>>> logging, and avoiding everything in the parent class.
>>> Nope, NONE of:
>>> com.sssw.b2b* exists in the list.
>>> Which is weird. Another identical (or so I thought) UA in the dev

>> lab
>>> has the classes in the drop-down list.

>> Greetings,
>> You are not missing debug classes. What you are "missing" is
>> debug options. With that said, is this a "standard" install as
>> compared
>> to Advanced? Was this server upgraded from a prior version (like 361)
>> or was it a fresh install?
>> --
>> Sincerely,
>> Steven Williams
>> Lead Software Engineer
>> NetIQ

> Hi Steve, fresh install of IDM 4.0.1 RBPM (advanced edition) on SLES11
> SP2 64-bit. Using standard jboss/postgre that's included with the
> install.
> We (Geoff and I) found that if you can get the additional debugging, you
> can see if the web browser is having issues. Plus it's really the only
> way I can tell where in the workflow the problem is at (unless you have
> some other ideas of which debug logs to show what).
> For example, we've found that if you use certain versions of
> Firefox/Chrome, then the OnSubmit stuff doesn't work right or
> something.
> But anyway, I was curious as to why my dev/test instance has the
> additional debug options (the http stuff) but the prod version does
> not.
> I'd be happy to open an SR on this if necessary.
> --Kevin

Greetings Kevin,
The reason why the packages you were looking for did not show-up in
the list, was because they had not been loaded (utilized) by the system
yet. If you start a workflow then you should see them appear.


Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer