On 01/04/2014 07:04 AM, ScorpionSting wrote:
> Its clearly stated at the bottom of NDS Console as to whether the DIB is
> open or not....if its open, the tree name and other information is
> displayed. I don't have a Windows eDir server handy to screenshot.
> Once you've validated DIB is open and running, you'll need to validate
> the server certs in edir.....by default, they're only issued for 2 years
> and is more often than not missed by edir admins in maintenance tasks.
> But if both 389 and 636 are unavailable, then this may not be the
> current issue.

I do not believe this is related to the certificate, because they can
not telnet to port 389 on the eDirectory server. Also, the "caused by"
in the stack trace normally will outline there was an issue with the


Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer