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I need clarification on the following section of SSPR:

4.4 Enabling New User Registration


Do the user create their password during new user registration? Or after they have activate the account?

4.5 Enabling User Activation


In the guide, it is mentioned that "The User Activation module allows first-time users to activate their account and set a temporary password"

So, the user set a temporary password for themselves? Or SSPR will generate a temporary password for user to log-in and a change password is required?

According to the guide, we configure token send method. How does token work here? Does the user have to enter the token before they can activate the account? Or the temporary password is referring to this token?

Please explain

The New User registration process includes setting the password for the newly created account.

SSPR will allow a user who has never set a password on their account to set their first password. It does this by using the configured LDAP proxy account to set the initial password provided by the user.

A user would either go through the New User registration if there is no existing ldap account, or the User Activation section if there is an account but they do not have the password for it. A user would not typically ever use both functions.

If a token send method is configured for either new user registration or account activation, the user must receive and enter that token value before that process can be completed.

Hope this helps.