On 12/31/2013 07:30 AM, gschouten32 wrote:
> Ab jou are right, did some futher tests and my suggestion was not
> correct.

It happens sometimes... rarely.

> Unfortunately moving the code to the event transformation does not solve
> my problem.
> I'd like to have one password mod event for unassociated objects and I
> see one solution: check the pwdlastset of the object in A.D., and if
> that’s in a specific time frame then it indicates that’s a
> duplicate event.

Not exactly the same as yours, but you may find some good help in this thread:


this may also be interesting:


> Still cannot imagine why this event is coming twice

As mentioned before, the filter send passwords right away, but you also
have a polling interval that runs (by default) once per minute, and if it
sees a new password change out there, it will try to send it too. As a
result in trace you should see varying times (between 0 seconds and the
length of your polling interval) between the first and second password
events. Also, if the password synchronizes, you should not see the second
event since it will be purged from the application side so the polling
interval will not find that password to be sent anymore.

Good luck.

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