This is pretty much directly pointed at Perry.

Was great seeing you at Brainshare. Nice to put a face to a name.

With the IDM 3.5 driver, did pushing a password change from the publisher
channel to the ID file make it in? If so, I am looking through the docs
trying to find it and figure it out. I am sure it is in section 4.5
(which is where you hide all the actual good stuff! Custom parameters!).
I see the CA process is now documented.

I see:

which seems to be turning the feature on.

I see the user-id-path but that looks like the path for creating and
setting a user...

Or is that it? Just turn on allowing it, generate a rule that if it is a
password change, calculate the path to the users ID file (which from prior
discussions I realize must be accessible via file system to the driver
shim box) and add the attribute to the doc?

Might be worth a section in the docs on the steps involved...

Also, I see a attribute registration-dest-dn-check, how does that one
work? For teh shortname one, it looks like it appends the Full Name from
eDir to the shortname that is generated if there is a collision. But it
does not say how it does it for Full Names...