I'm running IDM 3.0 with a number of connected drivers - LDAP, F&P and AD.
Our authoritative source is coming from a SAP flat file, which supplies the
new persons First, Middle and Last name along with the other data -
location, department and phone etc etc. With this information users are
created with FirstI, MiddleI, Last Name within our Identity eDir. This feed
will also include a numeric ID for each user which serves are the primary
link with all connected systems. To my point, I've been task to find out
what's in involved to move or transition from FIMILastName to our numeric ID
as the UserName.

Now, since I didn't setup the flat file driver, would the logic for the
policy be in the Creation Policies from our SAP driver to IDV which pickup
from the text file? Anyone have any first hand experience changing from user
name to another form of UserName? I may be missing some critical
information, but a least it's a start to finding out what needs to be done.