I am using delimited Text Driver to add user to eDir with IDM3

Some user address is too long (more than 128 characters) and so I divided
it into 2 value and add to attribute (L) in input transformation policy.

For instance, I add an address with multi-value as follow:
(for easier understanding I replace some text by x)

VALUE1= xxxxx 1st Floor, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-
VALUE2= Mumbai

Suppose I change address (through Delimited Text Driver) to

VALUE1= xxxxx 9th Floor, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-
VALUE2= Mumbai

(i.e. I only CHANGE 1st -> 9th)

IDM detect the changes, and only remove VALUE1 and keep VALUE2 (although I
used <remove-all-values /> in <modify-attr> in input
transformation policy)

when I view the user object through iManager, the address ordered as follows:

VALUE2 = Mumbai
VALUE1 = xxxxx 9th Floor, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-

This order is incorrect.

How can I keep the original order (i.e. display VALUE1 and then VALUE2)
after minor modification?

OR How can I really remove all multi-values before add multi-values attribute ?

OR does any eDir attributes have longer string length (about 200 chars)
that I can use instead of using multi-values attributes?

David NG