I am trying to upgrade the system from Nsure2.0.1 to identity manager
3.0.1. We have a situation that in the license agreement with Novell, we
can have only one Dirxml engine running. In our current production
environment, we have two servers in a replica ring. The Dirxml engine is
running on server 01. My question is whether I should run the installation
for IDM 3.0.1 on server 02. I do not feel comfortable if two servers are
different versions of identity manager. But at the same time I do not want
to violate the license agreement. Is there any risk for not running the
installation on server 2? If I need to install IDM 3.0.1, shall I just pick
the “Web-based Administrative Server” from 3.0.1 installation?

Thank you

Jie Feng