Howdy, we are currently using dirxml to strip OU and group information for
usersfrom our NDS tree for a few applications that require it (a flat user
list structure) like employee benefits, E-asset, etc.

Now we want to connect to MAD, and i have found the standard drivers are
easy to set up and work well since both MAD and NDS have a tree structure.

But now I'm being told (by a co-worker)that Novell does not recommend
a direct NDS to MAD connection as illustrated on page 12 of the IDM 301
install guide.

That means that while we've managed to automate the stripping of OU/group
info for users. Now the plan is to manually populate one of the the NDS
general fields by hand. Automating the stripping of info only to replace by
hand does not seem very efficient in my view

My question, then, is if Novell recommends this direct connection between
NDS and MAD, and what kind of ballpark guesstimate of percentage of users
are doing it this way. Are there any issues with direct NDS to MAD