I had already some questions during the beta, but now, going into the depth
there arise more questions.

Maybe my understanding is not correct, I just try to make a simple example
run. I want to create a workorder, depending on some event or condition and
have this workorder be processed.

I started with a loopback driver who creates the DirXML-WorkOrder object.
So far, so good. Then I want the work order driver to pick up this object
to do some work.

Now my questions:
1. Where in the WorkOrder object can I define the task to be done? I h ave
the nwoContent attribute but in my esample this holds the DN of the object
on which something should happen, but not the action as such. The other
attributes like DoItNow or Due Date are to trigger the action. It might be
possible to have the action in some policy of the workorder driver, is that
the way to do it?

2. My next problem is that I have the DirXML-WorkOrder object and I thought
this would be processed by the workorder driver.But the workorder driver
obviously expects a DirXML-WorkToDo object. So do I have to make a
transfer? Why? I think one object class should be sufficient.

Thanks for help.