Hi all,
I have a question about how events are generated during the addition of a
new user in edir and entitlements concerning attribute values of the newly
added user. Please correct me, if my description is wrong.
When a new user is added, the add-event goes through the filter of the
Entitlement Service Driver as it is listening on some of the added
attributes. The Entitlements Service Driver associates with the user object
and generates a modify event (does it?), if an entitlement is granted.

If I have an entitlement-enabled Loopback Driver listening on the
DirXML-EntitlementRef (and other User attributes), the modify-event enters
the driver and can be processed. However, the add-event doesn't know
anything about the granted entitlement, does it? So, the add enters the
Loopback Driver's Subscriber, but I can't query the entitlement value, as
the modify-event might not have been processed yet.

Can you please help me to understand what actually happens?