Environment are:
NW6.5 (OES)

I have many systems connected with IDV such as JDBC drivers, AD and 2 eDir
drivers. And I have existing users on all systems and have association value
for all drivers on users.

I have upgraded DirXML to IDM 3. I removed drivers and installed new one.
Association value on users were gone.

After installed all drivers and start all drivers to synhcronizes users data
except one eDir driver (IDV --> Campus TREE) [I did not start this driver
because at first I have problem about create KMO certificate but now I can
created without a problem]. Existing users have associations for all drivers
except Campus association. New users also can synch to all systems except
Campus because I did not turn on the Campus driver yet.

After eDir driver (Campus)are ready, I start Campus driver. BUT existing
users not synch and not create association value. New users are also not
synch to Campus Tree. So I try migrate user from IDV button on IDV machine,
no users synch to Campus, too. No associate for existing.

On other connected systems, it synch fine. Association values are created.

I'm sorry, I have no trace file right now, but I will post ASAP. What should
I do now?

Thanks all,