I have used the default library I5OSDRV when installing the driver shim of
the bi-directional driver. Consequently, all the CL program objects are in
this library.

I was browsing through the job definition for the I5OSDRV user profile of
the bi-directional driver, and noticed that the value in INLLIB is
*SYSVAL.I see no mention of the library name I5OSDRV.
My question is, if I were to create a user profile in IDM, how would the
driver shim know that it needs to access the I5OSDRV library for the
program objects?

My second question is, suppose I modify the CL programs in the I5OSDRV
library.After compiling these programs, I do not want to overwrite the
existing *PGM objects with my modified objects. Is it possible for me to
keep my modified objects in a separate library, say XXX? If this is
possible, then how will the driver be able to pick up the objects from XXX
and not I5OSDRV?

Thanks for the help.