I'm trying to send mail via using an IDM 3.01 driver but get the following
error: "550 HELO argument does not match calling host"

I'm told that this is because the IDM server uses only the server name in
the HELO argument and I need to make it use the FQDN servername.domain.etc
because the email server here perfoms a DNS lookup then doesn't find the
server and then passes back the HELO error message. If it uses the FQDN it
be be looked up OK in DNS and then all will work apparently

Any ideas how to do this?

More information if required:
Server is SUSE 9 (OES) running eDir 8.7 and IDM 3.01, the error occurs in
both a JDBC and an eDir driver. I have another IDM server in a test
environment, differnent hardware but same software and O/S and same thing
happens there too.