I am trying to configure the IDM driver to the AS400 system. I have
entered the same password for the remote loader and the driver object in
both the IDM driver and the driver shim on the AS400. However, when I try
to connect, I get an error message in DSTrace saying "Invalid loader
password". The passwords on both, the driver shim and the IDM driver are
the same for remote loader and driver object. What else could be causing
this error?

In DSTrace I also see handshake version 1.0 and DTDVersion 2.0. Could this
be a possible reason for the error?

Also, is there any way of verifying on the AS400 system, whether the
password for remote loader and driver object has been changed
successfully, and to check what the password is? I don't get any message
when I change the password using the go i5osdrv/i5osdrv command.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.