Greetings All,

I Have IDM 3.0.1 Ldap driver running on a OES linux sp2
that is connecting to Oracle Internet Directory through SSL.everything is
okay and users are being processed normaly..however sometimes when i see
the trace the driver stops checking the changelog of OID server.i have
noticed this happens when a user changes something in OID(password) in
the trace after reciving DOM document and doing some changes it hangs and
never checks the changelog again the polling interval time is 20 seconds
and i hav noticed one more thing..if there is nothing going on in OID for
about an hour the driver reacts as i said above...
i have to manualy restart the driver in order for things to work normally.

is it okay to run the trace everytime ???

i also tried to find some information but cudnt get hold of any..
Any pointers...thanks alot