NW 6.5 OES SP6 + ID3 Bundle addition

In my test environment I have successfully set up ID3

I have in-excess of 3000 users only 800 exist on both systems, user names
are identical. Users on EDIR are in a single context, users on AD are in
lots of containers.

So i created a test system that matched my current set-up.

When i start the driveron EDIR, all AD users and containers are imported
into EDIR. I do not wish that to happen and i don't want to import the users
in AD (as they already exist on both systems)

I wanted to set things up so that changes would only be replicated from
EDIR to AD, and the changes were only account enable/disable, password sync
and the description field.

My questions

1. I think i can see where to set the data flow to achieve the sync i need,
but how do i stop the initial import of users?

2. Can i select only the users i want to sync in EDIR? (only the ones that
exist in the AD)

many thanks,