First off, I don't consider myself to be a dirXML whiz by any stretch of
the imagination, but I do have a fair amount of experience running the
"canned" drivers. Our organization is examining partnering with Google
Apps to provide Gmail service to our users. Google offers a standard API
for provisioning accounts. The API looks pretty straightforward... uses
HTTP requests (in XML format) sent to a Google server to perform
operations. In my experience with IDM, this screams dirMXL driver to me,
but I have no experience with ground up driver develop... however

here's a quick link to the Google API:

So, if the above makes since, I was hoping to get some opinions from those
of you who are lots more dirXML savy than I am... does this make sense?
would this be a good case for a decently simply implementation? on your
developer scale of 1-10, where do you think something like this would lie?

Any insight would be much appriciated.