We are looking at recertifying our notes environment, and in doing so
creating everyone using the unique org unit - which will be their
employee ID (unique across all environments).

This is fine for the recertification of new users who are matched, but we
also need to create any new users using the Unique Org Unit. Here is
where I am running into difficulty.

The shim uses the OU held within the certifier ID used during
registration. As far as I can tell there is no allowance for using the
Unique Org Unit during registration by sending an XML element with the
create document, etc. Certainly it isn't mentioned in the documentation
for the driver.

As a bit of background - When creating a user manually, the unique org
unit can be specified. You still use the OU's certifier, but the user is
created within a unique org unit, below the certifiers current OU. ie.
Each unique org unit does not require a certifier. This org unit has been
(apparently) used within notes since R6, so isn't a new thing.

Any help would be much appreciated! I have found nothing trawling through
the web...