This is not an IDM question per se, but I'll take any help I can get
setting up Virtual Office for use with IDM password mgmt ....
I'm running Netware 6.5SP5, iManager 2.5, DirXML2.0.2 Trying to do a new
install of Virtual Office 1.6.1 as per Novell TID#2973716. I start the
bash interpreter fine, but when I try to run the command 'rpm -Uvh novell-
voffice-welcome-netware.rpm novell-virtualoffice-netware.rpm' I get the
following errors.
Failed dependencies:
novell-netware >= 6.5.3 is needed by novell-voffice-welcome-netware-
novell-netware >= 6.5.3 is needed by novell-virtualoffice-netware-
/bin/sh.nlm is needed by novell-virtualoffice-netware-1.6.0-
As stated before, I am running 6.5 SP5, and the sh.nlm is in the /bin/
folder. Any help would be much appreciated.