> It's in private beta right now. I have it here, and would like to try
> your test to see what it does. If you can, point me at where I can get
> the tool you're using to test it with, and give me a quick overview of
> how to set it up, and I'll give it a shot.


Thanks for offering your assistance. The OpenSPML client can be obtained
from here www.openspml.org. You can download the SPML 1.0 Toolkit by
clicking on the link on the left pane of the main page.

Once you have it downloaded, you can execute the browser.bat file located
in top-level directory (assuming you are running Windows). This starts up
an SPML client GUI which you can then use to test the SPML driver. I used
the SOAP trace option to examine the specific SPML requests being sent.

Note: Before you run the bat file, you need to make sure the environment
variables JAVA_HOME and OPENSPML_HOME are set. OPENSPML_HOME is the path
to where you lay down the toolkit.