>Hey I ´ve installed IDM 3.01 with all components on one
>2003 Server. (Edir and ADS on same machine, too)

eDirectory on Win32 must be configured to non-standard LDAP ports
because Active Directory will be on 389/636 and cannot be changed.

>No I can sync ou and groups from edir to ads but not
>in other direction and no user.

So there's something wrong on both channels. May or may not be related.
To get started, pick one problem or the other and work on that by
itself. Get used to getting a "level 3" trace of what's going on, and
you will find the answer to the problem.

>I think about twice ldap server (ads, edir) I don´t know
>to tell idm to look on different ldap ports.????

For MAD, the LDAP ports are always 389/636. If you're getting Groups
and OUs through, then your LDAP ports are fine.

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