I am looking for some guidance on Fault tolerance for IDM drivers - apart
from clustering edirectory on OES (SLES), I haven't found any good stuff. I
assume that certain drivers/configurations may vary in how they can be

At the moment I have

Running Edir + AD drivers on 2 netware servers
(AD driver is remote loader (only one remote loader at the moment)

Running EDir and Groupwise (single server)

Is it ok if the two servers in the META-TREE are running the same driver at
the same time? i.e. Two servers in the META-TREE are communicating with one
server in the PROD-TREE, and the same two servers are communicating with
the AD remote loader. Or should only one driver be running at once. I
noticed that if you start the driver in NSURE designer, it does start the
drivers on both servers in the META-TREE.

PROD-TREE and AD are both subordinate

any pointers?