Hi all, I put this in the edirectory.netware forum, was told to stick it
here instead, not sure it is an IDM issue, but here goes anyway.....

I have a netware 6.5 running edire It's called
nw65-idm.psr.tree I also have a Windows 2003 server running edire It's called test-imo-widm-1-nds.psr

The Netware is the master, the windows is a read/write replica.

dstrace on the netware server constantlhy shows the following :
Calling DSAResolveName for Conn:7 for Client .nw65-IDM.PSR.TREE
DSAResolvename failed, no such entry (-601)
request DSAResolvenmae by context 1e920020 failed, no such entry (601)

The crutch of the problem is that i have an IDM system syncronising
this tree with an Active Directory tree that lives on the windows
box. For some reason, the tree responds with the above errors and
nothing syncronises.

Any ideas? I dont think this is an IDM prob, it looks like the tree
is reporting this error even when nothing is hitting it.