Hi, environment is using the JDBC 2.0 driver for publication only
(subscriber is disabled) and using Indirect Triggerless mode.

In the SQL DB, the Full Name exists (so I map this to Full Name in the
data vault tree).

However, in SQL DB, there is no Surname/Given Name. So I need to parse the
Full Name and generate the Surname/Given Name for DV. I am trying to find
(a) where is the best stage to do this... is it at the Input
Policy, or the Create Policy, etc.
(b) what commands can be used to parse (split) the Full Name into the
Surname and Given Name

example 1:
in SQL DB, Full Name = Smith, John (note the comma)
So I want:
First Name=John

example 2:
in SQL DB, Full Name = Smithson James (note no comma)
So I want:
First Name=James

The above examples are typical: in the SQL DB, some FullName records have
a comma which delimits the surname; other records have no comma and we
just assume the first word=surname.

Many thanks for any assistance on this query!