I have an AD driver that is working just fine. I have now installed
Exchange 2003 on my AD server and want to create mailboxes. I'm using
entitlements to grant mailboxes and RBEs to assign the entitlements.

The default policies only acted on modify operations so my new users
were being granted mailboxes (no attempt was made). I disabled the
criteria that checked to see if the operation was a modify.

Now, the driver does run the policy to assign the mailbox and homeMDB is
populated with the correct mail store.

However, I get an error in the trace stating that my authentication
fails for the Exchange management:

07:56:50 6117CBB0 Drvrs: meta-ad-entad1 ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \META-POC\services\idm\DriverSet1\meta-ad-entad1
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \META-POC\data\people\bobbie
Status: Error
Message: Unable to bind to Active Directory object for Exchange
management LDAP://
user Administrator, domain addev, password ***, auth 0x0201, hr -2147016662

The credentials I'm using the "Administrator" account are correct. The
AD user gets created just fine. It is just the Exchange piece that
doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?