Does the DirXML-ADAliasName attribute need to be set on an eDirectory
object e.g. User object.

Running NetWare 6.5 with IDM 3.0 with a remote load on a Windows 2003
server (AD Driver). Using default configuration set to one-way sync (eDir
to –AD) and we get the following error

Code(-9010) An exception occurred: novell.jclient.JCException:

Appears to occur because IDM is trying to modify the DirXML-ADAliasName
attribute on the user eDirectory object, but this attribute is not set.

modify class-name="User" dest-dn="\NOS_TREE\NZQA\Wgtn\aduser59" dest-
entry-id="37023" event-id="NYX#20060618024814#1#6"
modify-attr attr-name="DirXML-ADAliasName"
value type="string">aduser59</value

The user object is create in AD and appears fine.

If I change the sync to both ways still get the above error but publisher
channel will write back and set the DirXML-ADAliasName attribute on the

Is this a problem?

Thanks in advance