I'm in the process of testing my IDM 3.0 deployment (eDir and AD). If I
change the last name of a user account in eDir, the changes are sync'd over
to AD just fine. However, viewing the user account in AD via ldp.exe shows
that the CN and Name attribute are still using to the old last name. So,
since the name attribute doesn't get updated, the user shows up with their
old last name when viewing the list of users in the AD OU. If you open the
changed user account, the you can see the new last name... I can see the
helpdesk folks complaining about this. :-)
Where would I place a rule to rename the Name attribute? On the command
transform? What would the rule look like for this?
I have a feeling that changing the CN will be more involved... Any thoughts
on how to accomplish this?
Many thanks,