When starting up the IDM2 LDAP driver pointing my OID I get a bunch of these
type errors:

13:54:45 64085BB0 Drvrs: Oracle Internet Directory ST: LDAP:
java.lang.Exception: ObjectClass.ObjectClass() Mismatched parenthesis in
objectclass definition: ( NAME 'ipService' SUP top
STRUCTURAL DESC 'Abstraction an Internet Protocol service. Maps an IP port
and protocol (such as tcp or udp) to one or more names; the distinguished
value of the cn attribute denotes the service's canonical name' MUST ( cn $
ipServicePort $ ipServiceProtocol ) MAY ( description ) )

What these all had in common was that the LDAP definition has a Description
field bounded by single quotes and containing an apostrophe'd word. I
reckon that this is what the driver is objecting to (quite rightly IMO as
this must break LDAP standards). I tried changing one of these descriptions
in the OID manager and promptly lost the class definition completely, as it
too didn't like the mismatched quotes. This I believe was an unused class
in my directory, but I am uncomfortable changing any more this way! OID
says that the Base schema is uneditable anyway.

So my driver starts up, but has never read the application schema, and
attempts to refresh the application schema from mapping policy fail. I
could probably hand edit the XML schema at a pinch, and I would think this
would work, but I would be happier if this would work 100%. Do I have any
other options here?

For the record there were also some other errors:
13:54:45 64085BB0 Drvrs: Oracle Internet Directory ST: LDAP:
java.lang.Exception: AttributeType.AttributeType() Mismatched parenthesis in
attributeType definition: ( 2.16.840.1.113894.8.1.430 NAME
'orclODIPOperationMode' DESC 'Operation Mode ' EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
SYNTAX '' ) )

which as you see have an opening parenthesis and 2 closing! I made a trivia
change in the description in OID manager and changed it back, then resaved,
and this removed the offending bracket, and IDM no longer objects to this

The OID is 10g, freshly created from the installer. Is this a usual problem
with OID LDAP schema?


M Farrer