I've been working to get my HP-UX systems integrated our growing idm
installation and ran accross a interesting problem adding members to
groups. If any member of a groups is currently logged into the target
system and you try to add another user to that group, the operation fails
with a ERR_ENTRY_INUSE error in the remote loader trace file.

I found in the trouble shooting section of the driver manual that this is
apparently by design.

My problem is that some groups encompass better than half of my user
population on the UNIX server. There's no way I'm going to get them to
log off in the middle of the work day to allow the operation to succeed
and adding them manually to the system defeats the purpose of idm.

My question is.. Can this "feature" be turned off?

The only alternative is to tell people that it won't process until the
middle of the night when , hopefully, no one is logged on...