Basically when I create an ID in ADS, I want to set a dummy password and
set the value to "Password Never Expires" in AD. This does not appear
to be a unique attribute in AD.

It appears that there are some "fake" attributes IDM has made to handle
such attributes...."dirxml-ACPasswordCantChange,
dirxml-uACPasswordNotRequired, uACEncryptedTextPasswordAllowed, et...."

I see a few places I will probably be able to set the password to the
generic pwd I want but not a way to set "Password Never Expires".

I have thought about creating a small VBS script that is called each
time a user account is created, but I am not sure where I would call
this from either.

(Please, no comment on 1000s of users having unique IDs but common
passwords. I'm oh so sure nobody has figured out they can access our
Windows resources as somebody else. At some point in time Password
synchronization across systems will be approved, but at this point this
is how they do things.)