I would think that the "Delete to Disable" or "Convert User Delete to
> Modify" would be exactly what you want and the fact that you are

using triggerless JDBC should be irrelevant.

Father Ramon

Mark Henderson wrote:
> I'm using the 2.1 JDBC Driver to connect to an Oracle view for one-way
> Publisher channel synchronization. This is a direct, triggerless
> operation. This is a pretty simple operation, eDir is just pouplated
> with users and initial passwords are created.
> Everything is working exactly the way we want it except for one thing.
> When users disappear from the view, they are automatically deleted from
> eDir. We want their accounts to be disabled. Since this is a triggerless
> setup, the publisher "Delete to Disable" nor the "Convert User Delete to
> Modify" doesn't seem to work. Is there some sort of Command
> Transformation Policy that will work for us?
> Mark Henderson
> Emory University School of Medicine