Your primary problem is that you are doing this in the event
transformation policy. The things you are trying to do a more properly
done in a command transformation policy or possibly in a matching policy.


Father Ramon wrote:
> Hi All,
> At first eDir is blank. I had migrated users from AD to eDir. Then I 'm trying to
> migrate user from SQL Server to eDir. Users in MSSQL are the same users in
> AD but they have much more attributes that need to synchronised to eDir.
> The synchronization from MSSQL to eDir has no problem. All attributes such
> as 'department code' had synchronised from MSSQL to eDir.
> BUT in JDBC Driver publisher in event transform policy, I had created rules to
> create default value for additional attributes such as 'mailQuota' attribute
> which default value is '2000'. In eDir I already created attributes and a class
> to support these addition attributes.
> The PROBLEM is after I synchronised a user from MSSQL to eDir. It CANNOT
> create a default value for an additional attribute. When I check the user data
> in iManager, I found that the attribute is in the unvalued attribute side.
> I keep trying by remove driver then import back then synchronised user from
> MSSQL to eDir again but it's still not create value in the attribute.
> I also try by remove the association then synchronised again, it's still not
> create the value for an additional attribute.
> I cannot delete users in eDir and re-synchronise again because now users
> using AD to logon.
> 1) What should I do to create value in attribute in eDir while synchronised
> user from MSSQL to eDir ?
> 2) If I export users to LDIF file then modify attribute and the value then
> import the file back to eDir. After that If I change a value in SQL it will
> synchronised to eDir or not ?
> Thanks for your help.
> Nat