Forgive the ASCII art here, but I kinda need it for this question.

+---+ +---+
| | | |
|N1 | --------------------------------| W1|
| | ----------------| |
| | / | |
--+---+-- / --+---+--
+---+ /
| | /
| |
| |

Servers N1...N12 are in one eDir tree, with eDir-2-eDir drivers connecting over
to server W1. Servers N1...N12 are NetWare 6.5 servers. Server W1 is Win2000
Advanced Server. Server W1 is also a DC, and is running the MAD driver.

Today, I'm seeing IDM working on events, but it's way behind in processing them,
and I'm trying to understand why.

Servers N1...N12 are behind. The *.tao files are 3M+ and growing. But on server
W1, the corresponding *.tao files are 12-bytes, empty. The only driver that's
behind in processing on W1 is the MAD driver.

Now, I know that we dumped a bunch of changes in to servers N1...N12 last night
because it's the Spring-to-Summer semester changeover here. That means we're
creating new accounts for students, as well as rebuilding a *lot* of Group
memberships to reflect the changes in course enrollments as all students drop
their Spring schedules and gain their Summer schedules. These groups sync to the
MAD domain as well.

But I don't understand the bottleneck here in the eDir drivers. W1 seems to have
sufficient bandwidth, and CPU utilization to allow events to be coming over, but
they aren't. They're backing up on the other servers. It appears to me, from
observation, that the events are waiting for the MAD driver to finish with them.

Looking at the activity, it looks like it's similar to:

1) eDir event on N1 goes over to W1
2) eDir event is processed on W1, which causes a cascade to the MAD driver
3) MAD event is processed in the domain
4) Success returns on the MAD driver
5) Success returns on the eDir driver
6) eDir event (next) on N1 goes over to W1

Is my bottleneck really just that the domain can't keep up? Or am I missing
something else here?

David Gersic

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